Top Android Homescreen Feb. 20th: Galaxy

February 20, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

The weekend is here and that means we have another homescreen design for you to check out. This one like most of our other picks comes from mycolorscreen, and it has a sort of futuristic design which definitely gives it some flare. It’s called Galaxy. If you like this design, we’ll be going over what you need to re-create this look on your own device as well as give you the basics on how to set it up.

First and foremost, to set up this design on your own device you will need a few different applications. The first is a third party home launcher, Nova Launcher Prime in this case. This will allow you to customize different aspects of the homescreen that you can’t do with the stock setup. Second you will need Zooper Widget Pro, as this app will allow you to apply the widgets to the homescreen. The last application you’ll need is called Media Utilities. This will allow you to set some media controls configured into the music widget you see in the main image above as well as show the album art, for example, the green day album art shown in the image.

You’ll also need the Zooper Widget files themselves, and you can access those from the link provided by the themes creator, Betinho, who has linked to them on the mycolorscreen page. There are no specific details given on exactly how to configure everything, but I can tell you the basics. Once you have everything installed and downloaded, go into Nova settings and make sure to hide the status bar, hide the navigation bar, and get rid of the dock. You could also just opt keep the status bar and make it transparent if you wish. Either would probably look great. There is no description on what you want your homescreen grid to be, so you may have to play with that in Nova settings to find a configuration of the number of rows and columns you like personally. There also isn’t any detail on configuring Media Utilities so I suggest looking for a quick rundown on how to set it up as it should be fairly fast and simple. If you like the wallpaper, the homescreen creator also has that available. Be sure to show some appreciation for the creators hard work in setting this up and providing it for free, you can do so by zooming the image on the mycolorscreen page as well as hitting the “love” button. Have a good weekend and happy theming!!