Top Android Homescreen Feb. 13th: Popsicle Freshness

February 13, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

It’s Friday and that means another homescreen for you all. This week we’ve picked one with a little material inspired love for you called Popsicle Freshness. It has some of the floating window looking aspects of material design as well as the bold pop of color. Like nearly every homescreen design we pick this one comes from mycolorscreen, and we’ll go over what you need to re-create this look for your own device if you like it, as well as the basics of how to set it up.

First what you’ll need is a third party home launcher, we recommend using Nova Prime. Second you’re going to need Zooper Pro, which is the app you need to apply the widget files. Lastly what you’ll need are the widget files themselves, which you can grab from the creator, Nilsschoovaerts, at the source link. This design is a little less flashy than some of the others we have picked in the past, but we’re firm believers that sometimes a minimal setup is best and can look absolutely amazing.

For setting this design up, first make sure Nova Prime is your default home launcher. After that go into the Nova settings and make sure you navigation bar and status bar are both set to transparent. Make sure that you have three homescreen pages, and be sure to set your homescreen grid to 12 rows x 6 columns. Also make sure to have subraster positioning on, and select the swipe scroll effect if you want to keep things exactly as the creator intended it, although the scroll effect can really be anything you wish or whatever suits you best. There are a couple of other key details like the widget sizes which can be found at the source below as well, and if you like this design be sure to click the source, “zoom” the image and hit the love button to show some appreciation for this creator’s hard work.