Top 10 Best Android Wear Apps and Faces Monthly – February 2015 Edition

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Now that Android Wear watches have been out for some time, and thanks to the update to Android 5.0 Lollipop, there’s more for developers to work with, and the Watch Face API has delivered some excellent watch faces recently. As 2015 gets off to a great start, there are some excellent Android Wear apps and watch faces being added to the Play Store every day. Here are our Top 10 from the past month, enjoy!

Relativity Watch Face

relativityRelativity is a watch face that reminds me a lot of the Slow Watch, it’s all about your position throughout the day or the week, rather than a precise and concrete time display. It will function as a digital watch as well, but if you fancy yourself as someone who doesn’t really need to know the exact date and time, then this is a fun watch face to try out. It doesn’t hurt that it’s nice and good-looking as well as free, either





I’m changing gears from taking things steady, to keeping the boring wheels of commerce and industry rolling. Work in an office? Ever chaired a meeting of some sort? Then you’ll no doubt have awesome experience with PowerPoint, and if you’re a serious PowerPoint Wizard you’ll no doubt have a USB clicker in your laptop bag to go from slide-to-slide in style. Well, if you’re trying to keep things fresh in those meetings, Air PPT can essentially replace this wireless clicker of yours. You can interact with the app on your display to change slides and there’s even a gesture-activated mode as well. PowerPoint on, my friends.




dresswatchSo you’re a style-conscious smartphone user that has a smartwatch? Okay, no problem, DressWatch can help. The idea here is pretty fun, and tries to create a watch face that matches what you’re wearing. Open the app, take a full-body selfie in today’s outfit and then DressWatch will create something to match your current ensemble. It’s a fun concept and the app is fairly fleshed out, but it’s certainly not for everyone. For those looking to make that Moto 360 match though, this is one of the best apps to take a look at.




AccuWeather is not an Android Wear app in its own rite, and is rather an app that has Android Wear support built-in. In its latest version, that means one of the most accurate displays of the weather on your wrist. If you’re fed up of Google Now’s fairly generic and often inaccurate (in my experience, at least) forecasts for the next few hours or days ahead, then AccuWeather is worth looking at, and if you’re one of those users that is just obsessed with weather apps, then here’s yet one more option. That is of course if you haven’t already used AccuWeather before.



Pizza Navigator


If controlling PowerPoints from your wrist just isn’t cool enough for you, then how about finding Pizza with your wrist? This is the future, folks! Pizza Navigator is a double-whammy of an app, it works on your phone as well as your wrist, with a cool compass on your watch literally pointing in the right direction of some establishment that will feed you Pizza. (Please note: quality of Pizza found using this method cannot be guaranteed, use at your own risk.)



Pujie Black – Wear Watch Face

pujieblackPujie Black has been around for a little longer than a month, but it’s recently been updated with a whole host of new features and it’s one of my favorite watch face apps for Android. It tells you a decent amount of information on your watch and it’s one of the few apps that can make any sort of circle look nice on a square watch. It’s extremely customizable, yet easy to use unlike other apps of its type and it’s really quite classy.



atHandTuner Wearable Tuner


atHandTuner is exactly what you think it is, it’s an instrument tuner for stringed instruments and it just happens to be atHand all the time thanks to it being on your wrist, get it? Good. We covered this when it launched, and it’s a pretty nifty app, while it might not be super-accurate, it’s definitely a nice use of your smartwatch, especially for those that normally use their phone to do this sort of thing, they can now use their smartwatch and keep that phone away from spending time with your axe.



Liqui Watchface Android Wear

liqui watch faceLiqui is a really good-looking and simple watch face for Android Wear ad while there’s no 12-hour mode, and it’s not all that fully-featured, it’s not designed to be. This is not the type of watch face that has an infinite amount of settings to change, it’s a set and forget sort of watch face. If you like it, then great, if not then you can always look elsewhere, but this is a nice and simple watch face to try out.



RPN Calculator for Wear


If you were one of those who used to wear a Casio calculator watch, or one of those that remember a parent or friend that had one and were super jealous, well, RPN Calculator is the app that can help you rekindle those fond memories. It’s a scientific calculator on your wrist and while it’s inevitably quite cramped, it does in fact work and work quite well. It even has a mock-LCD grayscale display!



Watch Tide

watch tide

Watch Tide is the app that will fulfill the dream of being able to plan your surfing trips from your watch, as promised by the original unveiling of Android Wear. There are 2,700 beaches included in the database here, but if you want to get access to all of them you’ll need to pay a small in-app purchase fee. Otherwise, this does exactly what you think it does, it tells you the tide times and their peak heights, too. It’s a nice and simple app, we just wish it was a little more forthcoming about the in-app purchase for anything more than one beach.