Taller Home Button on Samsung Galaxy S6 may be Fingerprint Sensor


Some of the latest pictures of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 are showing a taller 'Home Button' than is found on previous Samsung devices.  At first, it was thought they had simply redesigned the button, but it is now coming to light that it may very well be Samsung introducing their own Fingerprint Sensor, rather than Scanner, to the new Galaxy S6.  We are all assuming that Samsung is working to make the new Galaxy S6 a true flagship device and this was one area where there were many complaints.  It is unlikely that Samsung would ever move the button to the back as they have always liked a Home Button at the bottom of the device – never sure if they do that because of the iPhone's placement or convenience – users seem to either love it or use it as an excuse not to purchase a Samsung smartphone.

Some people may not realize that there is a difference between a Fingerprint Scanner, as Samsung presently uses on its devices, and a Fingerprint Sensor, like the iPhone uses.  When using a Scanner, you must slide your finger over the Scanner in order for it to read part of your fingerprint – it can be inaccurate and often require one than one swipe.  A Fingerprint Sensor, which reads a larger portion of your fingerprint, only requires you to place your finger on the Sensor and it then becomes a quick read and generally works the first time.

In a never-ending effort to make our devices more secure, the Fingerprint Sensor makes more sense.  In order to make this secure feature faster, the Sensor makes more sense – you do not want to have trouble authorizing your fingerprint while you are standing in line to make a purchase or even while you are online.  The Sensor is a more precise method of verifying your fingerprint.  Rumor has it that Samsung's updated Fingerprint Sensor will include some advanced software features not found in Apple or Huawei phones.


With Samsung recently purchasing LoopPay, an Apple Pay competitor, we can only assume that Samsung is more focused than ever on a fingerprint-protected system to make payments.  Samsung's System will allow you to use the Fingerprint Sensor to unlock the device, allow Web-sign-in, verify your Samsung account, access your Private Mode, and pay via PayPal.  It is only days away until we get to see all of the new features of the Samsung Galaxy S6 when they officially unveil the device.  In the meantime they will be feeding us many teaser videos and we will see even more leaked photos.

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