T-Mobile Rewards John Legere With Salary Raise, Contract Extension And Bonus Incentive Increases

February 27, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Love him or hate him, T-Mobile’s John Legere has brought with him an interesting take on what it means to be the face of a company. Legere has constantly spoken his mind and made sure the public (as well as T-Mobile’s competitors) knows what he thinks. However, he does seem to be good value for money and especially when you consider that T-Mobile seemed to have had a better year in 2014 than they have for some time. Since the start of this year, it has been reported that T-Mobile are expecting to move into the ‘third biggest carrier’ position behind Verizon and AT&T. While it was also reported T-Mobile had managed to secure an additional 8.3 million subscribers over the course of last year. So for the Un-carrier, Legere must be doing something right.

At least, it seems that T-Mobile certainly think so. The latest Legere rumbling is that T-Mobile have now renegotiated Legere’s contract and the changes do represent things are going good for both the carrier and person. First up, Legere is getting a basic salary pay rise. This will see his current $1.25 million salary moving up to $1.5 million. Not to mention, his annual bonus potentials are also on the rise too. His minimum annual incentive plan target award has increased up to $3 million while his longer term annual incentive plan target award has increased to $12 million. Not forgetting that his overall contract duration has also been extended by two years and will now conclude September, 2017.

However, all those rises do come at a price and it seems T-Mobile have looked to secure themselves by extending a non-compete clause, from one year to two years. In short, this means if Legere decides to leave T-Mobile before the end of the contract he will contractually not be able to work for any of T-Mobile’s competitors for two years. Of course, the question is would Legere want to work for any of their competitors? At the moment, it does seem the Un-carrier and Legere are a good fit. What do you think? Does Legere deserve a pay rise? Should it have been more? Let us know.