Stocard Means You Can Carry And Use All Your Store Cards Directly From Your Android Wear Device


There are many reasons to buy a smartwatch these days. While traditionally the only reason to buy a normal watch was to tell the time and make sure you were not late arriving somewhere, smartwatches now offer users the ability to do a number of other things, directly from their wrists. Need a pizza? Order one. Need to make a quick to-do list? No problem, create one. Need to call a taxi? No problem. Of course, one of the best reasons to own a smartwatch is to save time by not having to dig your wallet or purse out of your pocket or bag. As Wear becomes more compatible we will see a much more integrated way to pay for goods, when out and about. And recently, Wear took a massive step forward in this respect and especially for anyone who has a lot of store cards.

Stocard is an app offered on the Play Store which allows users to effectively store a digital version of their store cards in app form. This means, users no longer need to carry masses and masses of cards around with them. Or of course, masses and masses of store key tags on their keychain. That said, you still need to carry your smartphone with you or at least make sure you did not leave it in the car. Well, a recent update to Stocard has now made the app compatible with Android Wear. Meaning you can now literally reap the benefits (and collect those store points) all by using your smartwatch.


If this sounds like something you might be interested in then the whole process is rather a simple one. Download the app from the Play Store (on your smartphone). Once downloaded, simply scan your store card's barcodes using the smartphone camera. Following this, sync your Android Wear device with your smartphone and the Stocard app will be immediately installed on your Wear device. At which point you are pretty much good to go. head down to the shops, open the app on your Wear device and get spending (or saving) those store card benefits. If you give the Wear function a try, make sure to let us know how you get on.

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