Sprint Introduces the 12Gb Family Share Plan for $90 per Month

Shareable data plans seem to be all the rage nowadays, and for good reason.  If a family all has one carrier as a service provider, then why not bundle the numbers up to save the paying parents some money, and not buy unnecessary amounts of data, especially if you don't use it while your kids or spouse do.  Sprint has introduced another family share plan, this time for a reasonable $90 per month, but what's the deal with it?

Well, Sprint has had a rough time since before Marcelo Claure came to power, so to speak, and have been trying to restructure their plans and pricings.  This time, the addition seems like it might actually be a good competitive move with a much more competitive price tag and an initially very appealing bargain.  For $90, you can now get a family plan that includes 12 gigabytes of data to allocate across all included numbers/users.  And, given that this is a new deal, the offer of 12 gigs of Sprint's 4G LTE data network is guaranteed until March 1 of next year.  The bonus of Sprint's plans over someone like AT&T is that charging $160 for four lines and 10 gigabytes of data, with each additional line costing you $15 to add in/on.  Sprint, for this family share plan, is waiving the now lowered $15 data access charge (which does in fact still exist) per device, so it is only that $90 per month that you'll pay.

Best yet is that this plan is not a traditional yearly or bi-yearly renewal plan, but a month-to-month affair, meaning you can leave after the first (or the thirty-first) month of service.  The obvious push for this plan is the price you'll pay for it, which is comparatively low among the Big Four.  AT&T and Verizon are charging you $160 per month for 10 gigabytes spread across four lines.  T-Mobile, meanwhile, is charging $100 for a year-old bargain of 2.5 gigabytes of data per line for four lines (and yes, this offer expires sometime this year).  So, the obvious comparison is trumped by the fact that Sprint lets you have up to 10 lines attached to the plan.

Are the new, lower prices what will help Sprint get back some of its former glory as an American carrier, or is it some other aspect that Sprint is overlooking or neglecting?  Would this sway you to Sprint, especially given the $70 saving you have over big red and big blue?  What moves should Sprint make in 2015 to gain some of its turf back from the other carriers?  Let us know down below

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