Sprint To Begin OTA Rollout Of Android 5.0 Lollipop To The Samsung Galaxy S5 Tomorrow

AH Samsung Galaxy S5 6

Things are about to get a little bit sweeter for Samsung Galaxy S5 owners on the Sprint network, as it’s been stated that Sprint plans to begin rolling out the Android 5.0 Lollipop update to users with that device tomorrow. This is certainly good news for anyone on the network, although it must sting a little for those who have the Galaxy S5 and are subscriber of AT&T who just pushed out an update to Android 4.4.4 yesterday. Who knows, maybe AT&T will end up updating their customers tomorrow too.

In addition to sending out the update to Galaxy S5 owners, it seems that Sprint isn’t stopping there as they have been rumored to be pushing out the update for Android 5.0.1 Lollipop to the HTC One M7 tomorrow as well, so we have to wonder if any other devices on their network will begin to see the new software upgrade around the same time. We already began to see subscribers on Verizon Wireless get the Lollipop update on the Galaxy S5 earlier in the week, so now we’re just waiting on T-Mobile and AT&T. If you take a look at the Samsung support page for the Sprint model of the Galaxy S5, it lists the software push as going out on February 5th, along with the removal of the lumen toolbar and the enhancement of the VoWiFi UI.

The most important part here is that the Sprint Galaxy S5 will get all sorts of changes related to Lollipop, which will mean newly refreshed UI changes that bring in some Material Design style, and an overall better UI design when compared to Samsung’s Kit Kat version of Touchwiz. As for how it will cause the device to perform is uncertain but we could imagine users will likely see some improvements in this area. Hopefully we’ll hear less complaints about the lag due to the heavy TouchWiz UI. In any case, watch out for the software update notification to hit your status bar at some point tomorrow and make sure you have plenty of battery life to commence the update when and if it drops for you.