Sponsored Game Review: Gamr2Gamr


Gamr2Gamr is an Android app that hopes to bring gamers together with other gamers. It's title is pretty straightforward in this regard, as is the overall concept of the app. Many of us like to play PS4, on the PC through Steam and even on the Wii U. However, the problem for a lot of gamers can be finding other likeminded gamers to play with. I know I had this problem when playing PC games for a long time, and still find it hard on my PS4. Gamr2Gamr is the app that aims to make this sort of thing much easier. With Gamr2Gamr, you create a simple profile and load it up with all your platform IDs like PSN and Xbox Live, the games you like to play and more. Then, you can search the database of players to find more people to play online with. If Gamr2Gamr is something that has you interested, then read on to find out more.


All you need to do to get started is to download Gamr2Gamr from the Play Store and then sign up or log in with Facebook.

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Once you've logged in or signed up, you'll need to fill in a simple form to log your interests, your play level and of course the platforms and their IDs you want to play on.


2015-02-16 14.18.04

This list is really quite comprehensive and there are options for a lot of different things, like the ability to choose your language rating, your age and more. An entry I thought was really important was the need to enter your time zone. Nobody wants to play with someone who's on a completely different time zone.

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Once you've put together your profile, you'll need to add some games to find other players. You can add games whenever you want to, making it easy to add new titles. Here, I'm taking a look at PS4 titles, and I was happy to see a fairly up-to-date list of games in here.

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Once you add a game, you can then go ahead and find other players that want to find people playing the same game. This is nice, because you can then add them as a friend, based on things like being on a similar time zone or even something more granular like being in the same state, finding even more in common with each other.


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When you have some friends added, you can Knock on their door, so to speak, to see if they're interested in playing iwth you, and vice-versa.



From there, you can build up a collection of friends across different platforms and games, giving you people to play online with without just stumbling across them every now and then. You can obviously then use online chat while playing to get to know people better, but this is all about bringing gamers together in the first place. In that regard, this seems to do the job quite well.

I know the problem of not having anyone to play with well; when I was playing most of the latest games on the PC, I never had anyone to play online with. Sure, there were others online, but I didn't have anyone to play online with that I knew, even a little bit. Luckily, I have some friends that love playing on the PS4, but there are some games we don't enjoy playing together, as such I can use Gamr2Gamr to find others that like the same sort of games as I do and then play online with them. Depending on the sort of people that you come across, you could end up making some very good friends while playing online in your favorite games.


  • Speed (3.5/5) – For a simple app, this is not that quick of an app, in fact it can be quite sluggish at times.
  • Features (4/5) – This might be a simple concept, but sometimes they're the best, and this serves a great purpose. If you need people to play with online, then Gamr2Gamr can help you find new players.
  • Theme (4/5) – The black and red theme is a nice one, and I can see a lot of gamers liking it, but it does feel a little too much like an iOS app at times.
  • Overall (4/5) – A solid app that has a lot of potential and just needs a serious speed boost and some extra polish to become an app every serious gamer should have installed.


  • Covers all the major bases where different gaming platforms and games are concerned.
  • Options to choose age, competition level and seriousness are all nice touches, making it easy for casual players to find other casual players. Rather than mismatching hardcore pros with casual players.
  • It's up to you how much personal info you share, this is not about sharing your whole story or anything like that.
  • Good option for those that feel like they can't make friends just by playing random lobby after lobby.


  • Needs a speed boost as the app does feel quite slow at times.
  • Looks and feels like an iOS app port, rather than an Android app.

All-in-all, I can see Gamr2Gamr becoming an app that many serious gamers will have installed over time, however right now it needs a speed boost and some added polish. However, the overall concept is a good one and it solves a problem for a lot of gamers that want to build up a sort of crew of gamers to play online with regularly, but just don't know how to. Starting with the same platform and game choice is a good start, and this is where Gamr2Gamr comes in. After that, it's up to you, and this little app serves as a nice intermediary.