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Zeon Black is another icon pack from the artist responsible for the Gai and Ditoni icon packs. This time around, we're looking at something that is a little more rustic, designed to be more fun and bring a human touch to your smartphone or tablet. It's not just available in Black, it's also available in Pink, Red, Green, Blue and White. There are over 1,600 handmade icons here, with the ability to request icons to be made for those that aren't included here and there's also a Dashboard app with wallpapers and even Muzei support, too. So, this looks like yet another quality icon pack from RayphoDesign, but read on to get a closer look at what's on offer.

As with any icon pack, you'll need to download Zeon Black from the Play Store. If you'd like a different color there are also Blue, Green, Pink, Red and White icon packs available in the Zeon theme. You can then go ahead and launch the Dashboard app to take a look at the icons as well as the matching wallpapers.


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There are 1,600+ icons available in the Zeon Black theme and you can use the Dashboard app to take a look at them.

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Right away we can see that Zeon is a theme that's been put together by hand and feels like the sketchings you'd find in a notebook. It's going to be to everyone's taste, but it's certainly a nice change from the hyper-professional look of other themes. If, for whatever reason, you feel like there are icons missing you can easily request them from within the app.

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You can easily set the icon pack from the Dashboard app, but as I'm using Aviate I just changed it from within the settings. Zeon Black worked great with Aviate and certainly helped liven up a launcher which some believe to be boring.


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There's also a selection of wallpapers available to download and set whenever you want.

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While I felt that a lot of the more colorful photograph wallpapers here didn't quite fit with the icons exactly, there were some really nice lightning wallpapers included that I feel made my homescreen look pretty cool with the black hand drawn icons.

2015-02-04 17.32.57

All-in-all, Zeon Black is a nice change of pace from icons that are designed to look all neat and tidy. There are so many of those out there that those types of icon packs can grow a little tiresome. What I like about Zeon Black in particular, is that it brings a laid-back look to Android which is more Human and almost relaxing. When talking specifically about the Black version of Zeon, it'll work great with the Google Now Launcher and the white app drawer, so that's many Lollipop users covered, but it also works well with a monochrome theme if you're using more whites than you are blacks. As I've said though, there is the option for a white theme as well as more colorful versions of the same icons. A nice breath of fresh air if you're fed up of all the neat and tidy options out there, Zeon Black is well worth taking a look at.



  • Speed (4/5) – No problems here, everything runs nice and quickly and there's no risk of this slowing down your phone.
  • Features (4/5) – Much like other icon packs, Zeon Black features a quality Dashboard app that's easy to use and with 1,600+ icons on hand and a good selection of wallpapers, this has more than enough on offer.
  • Theme (5/5) – I thought that I wouldn't take to this style at first, but it's an excellent change from the usual icon packs that fit into circles, flat design or some sort of take on a Linux set. Instead, Zeon Black feels freehand and fun, it makes my smartphone feel a little more human and it's a stark change to the default Android theme, too.
  • Overall (4/5) – A solid icon pack that looks excellent and ticks all the right boxes, Zeon Black is only really held back by a somewhat mismatched selection of wallpapers, but that's not a major problem as you can use whichever wallpaper you want.


  • Available in more than just Black, including Pink, Blue, Green, red and White, too.
  • With 1,600+ icons, there's a lot on offer here and you can definitely tell the developer has put some real work into this.
  • Rustic, human look and feel will bring your homescreen back to life, especially if you're fed up of the usual suspects.
  • Easy to request new icons if you feel that some of your favorite apps are missing, but the icon mask does work well here, too.


  • Wallpaper selection doesn't feel well matched with Zeon in Black or in White, but this is more a matter of taste than variety.
  • One pack to get all the different colors in one would be nice to see.

For those looking for something a little different and a little offbeat, Zeon Black is definitely something to look at. if you're not into the dark look of this one, then you can always take a look at the other colors available from RayphoDesign. All-in-all, Zeon Black is a rustic, fun-loving theme that's easy to like and well worth taking a look at.


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