Sponsored App Review: Real-Time GPS Tracker 2


Real-Time GPS Tracker 2 is an Android app that does exactly what you think it does; it tracks a location in real-time and then relays that information to a URL online. The app is designed for people to be able to keep track of each other, and it's not designed as something to spy on someone or anything like that. Rather, this is designed to make sure a group of you don't get lost while traveling, parents can see where their children or groups traveling together can check in on each other's progress. With Real-Time GPS Tracker 2 you can share a public URL with friends that don't have the app installed, as well as play tracks back to see a route play out in front of you using Google Earth, there are also premium features like geo-fencing and more. Really, there are a lot of features that I couldn't possibly list here. Read on to see what Real-Time GPS Tracker 2 is all about and why it might be useful for you.

To get started with Real-Time GPS Tracker 2 all you need to do is to download the app from the Play Store and then you can go ahead and get started. There are a few things to do at startup, but you're guided through everything quite nicely.


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Getting the tracking service up and running is nice and easy and like I said, the app takes you through all of that simply without any hassle.

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The guest URL will essentially put your username at the end of a URL which you can share with anyone to give your location to. This is a very useful feature for those traveling overseas and want to share their progress with family back home. Sharing your location is really simple, and you can always see where you are in the app as well.


If your other friends and family go ahead and install the app, you can also chat with these people, which is nice for those traveling overseas together or whatever.



This lines up neatly with the ability to see two maps on your screen at once, again this is great if you're looking for someone from your group, or trying to find your way back to your parent's hotel or something like that.



Sharing your guest URL is really quite easy, and you can do so right from the app using a phone number to send an SMS as well as customize your text. I think this is one of the best features of Real-Time GPS Tracker 2, after all while it's ideal for others to install the app it can be a chore to get older people (ie parents and grandparents) to install these sort of apps. With a URL, all they need is a laptop or PC to see that you're doing okay and have reached your destination.

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There are more features to Real-Time GPS Tracker 2 than just sharing your location though, over time the app has grown in include some neat features like the ability to block out parts of your location that won't be shared when using the service.


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There's also a Battery Wizard as well which hopes to limit the impact the app has on your battery life.

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There's a wealth of other settings included here as well, with the developer paying attention to all sorts of little issues you might want to find a solution to. It's really quite nice to see that the developer has taken into account that GPS can be a very resource hungry use for a smartphone and there are many settings to try and reduce this drain.

Spending some time with Real-Time GPS Tracker 2 I quickly saw the potential in such an app. Really, the app is a giant collection of tools bolted on the one key service of sharing your location with others. However, those extras make Real-Time GPS Tracker 2 a viable option for this sort of thing, and with extras like a privacy block and the bility to control who sees where you are with the sharing of that URL, this never feels seedy or "dodgy" or anything like that. Instead, this feels like a great application that I can see families and groups of friends all over the world using in all sorts of different ways, to make traveling safer, easier and help reassure friends and family back home.


  • Speed (4/5) – Real-Time GPS Tracker 2 runs nice and quickly and from what I can tell, information doesn't take too long to hit the web.
  • Theme (4/5) – This is a good-looking app, but with Lollipop and Material Design available now, an update is perhaps in order.
  • Features (5/5) – An excellent array of features, Real-Time GPS Tracker 2 has everything that you could possibly want when it comes to sharing your location and finding out where your friends and family are back home and so on.
  • Overall (4/5) – A solid app that's only really held back by unfortunate, and unavoidable battery drain Real-Time GPS Tracker 2 is a great tool for travelers and cautious friends and family alike.


  • Near infinitely customizable with lots of options in the settings menu to curb battery usage and more.
  • Privacy block, geo-fencing and more are all excellent premium features that are well worth the little extra for frequent users.
  • Use of the public URL is still controlled by who you give it to and ensures that anyone back home or on the move can see where you are regardless of which platform they're using.
  • Being able to see two maps on screen is a great way of linking up with people while travelling overseas.


  • Material Design would help the app blend in better with newer devices and those already updated to Android 5.0.
  • Battery life is still an issue here, but this is sadly unavoidable and Real-Time GPS Tracker 2 does more than most to soften the blow.

Real-Time GPS Tracker 2 is an app that might seem niche in its appeal, but really when you think about it there are hundreds of uses for this sort of thing. You can use to reassure parents back home, share your progress with those travelling with you, never lose your group of friends when in a new city or place, get directions from someone over the phone in real time that knows where you are. This is an excellent toll, and the developer has added features that users have asked for over time, and now Real-Time GPS Tracker 2 is one of the most fully-featured apps of its kind available on the Play Store.