Sponsored App Review: Clippit


Clippit is an Android app that apps to help extend your enjoyment of your favorite TV shows by helping you share your favorite moments with your friends and family. The idea is pretty simple, you select a scene from anything that's on TV right now and then you can create a 30-second long clip of that show and then share it using Clippit. From there, you can share this Clip on Facebook and Twitter, or just send a link to your friends via SMS, as well as take a look at all the other clips that are being shared. You can reclip, like, comment and share other clips you come across from other users. An interesting idea that blends TV with Vine, Clippit could be that something you've been looking for to get your friends and family involved in the same shows as you, or just show them clips of crazy weather or silly reality TV escapades.

Clippit is nice and easy to get started with, all you need to do is go ahead and download the app from the Play Store and then create an account.


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Signing up for an account is nice and easy, and I decided to create an account using my email address and it was nice and easy.

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While this is nice and easy to setup, I really would have liked to seen Google Sign-In here, as it's my preferred method. Still, signing in with Facebook or Twitter covers a lot of users.

Once you've set up your account, you'll be able to see the list of clips that other users have been sharing.

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To create a new clip of something that you're watching right now, all you need to do is to hit the TV icon and then choose from the channels and programs that are currently on air right now.

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Once you choose the show you want to clip, you just need to scroll through the different scenes (shown in sort of thumbnails for you to pick out).


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Once you've selected your scene, you can move things to make sure your scene selection is perfect, but bare in mind you only get 30-seconds to create a clip.

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When clipped, you'll see your clip in the main feed along with the rest of them. You can also share the clip in a few different ways, too.

2015-02-01 17.16.12

You can share over Facebook or Twitter, but you can also just send a text link to the clip online via SMS, which is perfect for some of those older members in the family. I had a little more fun looking at the clips that others had put online, perhaps because the editor's choice channel does a good job of selecting the funniest, like this clip from Mob Wives.


2015-02-01 17.16.37

Clippit is a really fun idea, and one that I can understand people really getting into over time, after all we all love TV and we all love sharing funny moments with others. The only problem with doing it using your camera or something like that is that the quality is pretty poor and it's hard to be precise. With Clippit though, you get some decent control on which 30-seconds you want to clip for your little share, and the selection of what's on air really is quite good. It's easy to recognize what part of your program you're clipping as there's very little to complain about in that regard. Elsewhere, it's nice to see Clippit create a sort of social network of its own, where you can interact with other TV lovers and share other fun clips with your own friends and family on the web.


  • Speed (4/5) – Clippit ran great on my hardware and I very rarely came across any issues.
  • Features (4/5) – A fun and neat idea, Clippit is easy to use and works just the way it's supposed to, there's no need to jump through hoops; you can just start clipping and sharing your favorite moments on TV.
  • Theme (4/5) – Everything looks good here and the interface is nice and straightforward, which makes Clippit something that all ages can use nice and easily.
  • Overall (4/5) – A solid app that neatly executes something fun and fresh, Clippit is well worth taking a look at, especially if you're a big TV lover and want to – easily – share your best bits with friends and family.


  • Easy to get up and running, with little to no hassle in getting started.
  • 30-second clips are longer than you think and they're nice and easy to create with some precision as well.
  • Allows users to see what's on air right now across a variety of different channels.
  • Nice and easy to share clips with those online or through good old SMS.


  • No Google Sign-In.
  • Doesn't work outside of the US, but expanding would be difficult.

At the end of the day, Clippit is an app designed for those that really love their TV, and those users are definitely going to get a lot of this. It's easy to find the program you're watching on air and it's even easier to quickly select a scene and share it online with a little note. How you use Clippit is up to you, but there are some great uses; like sending a weather report to people back home that don't believe you're crazy weather. As well as that, Clippit is a great way of joining in the conversation on Twitter and Facebook when it comes to sporting events and big TV events. It's free to use and easy to get into, so why not give it a go?