Spanish OEM GeeksPhone Is Developing A Wearable Called GeeksMe With A Built-in Sex Tracker

Wearables is shaping up to be an even bigger market space this year, with many of today's top electronics manufacturers introducing or having already introduced either their first or a new addition to their lines of wearables to the market. GeeksPhone is one of those companies which will be announcing their very first wearable called the GeeksMe, scheduled for a release sometime closer to summer and reported to be around June or July of this year. The wearable from the designs looks more like a smartwatch than a fitness tracker, and it it'll apparently hold a good portion of the functionality that users could find on both fitness trackers and smartwatches including sleep monitoring and notification alerts.

Geeksphone is venturing into the wearables space by offering a device that so far, does two things that not many other wearables or fitness trackers do. In addition to the two things we mentioned above, the GeeksMe is being developed to also track your ecological footprint, as well as your sexual performance. We'll talk about the sex tracker first as this is the less common thing you'd find in such a device. According to the team at GeeksPhone who is developing the GeeksMe, they are working on a special set of algorithms that power the sex tracker functionality which when activated during wear, will be able to track different things like the number of times a day or week you have sex, the duration, the calories burned and "other useful information." The idea behind it is to promote a healthier lifestyle and sexual relationship with your partner while giving you the ability to monitor the different associated values.

As for the eco-tracker functionality, the basis of this is pretty simple as it aims to help you keep track of how your lifestyle impacts the environment so you can minimize your carbon footprint. In addition to these two features as well as the sleep monitor and notifications, the GeeksMe will also track your steps, distance, calories burned, and you can use it to set reminders and alarms. The GeeksMe will sport a monochrome OLED display with 12 bi-color LED's surrounding the screen. The GeeksMe will also support Bluetooth of course so you can link it up to your smartphone, but it won't have embedded GPS, and will instead use the Bluetooth link to your device for the GPS location needed for some of the features, like the eco-tracking for example. So far GeeksPhone says the design is not yet finalized, but it is interested in making the GeeksMe as fashionable as it will be functional so we can probably expect it to look somewhat stylish. So far there is no word on a price or where GeeksPhone will launch the device.

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