ScreenPop Lets You Send Annotated Images From Your Lockscreen Directly To Other People's Lockscreens

There are many interesting ways in which we communicate with each other these days. Gone are the times when you would actually call someone on the phone. Instead, it seems the trend for some time has been to send someone something. It could be a good old fashioned text (strange to think texts are already 'old-fashioned', but they are), it could be a ping, an image, a nudie selfie or even simply a "Yo". Yep, it seems it is not really about communicating anymore with real words, but instead sending people conceptual meanings.

Well, if there was not enough ways to send someone non-verbal cues then you can now add ScreenPop to the ever-growing list. This app allows you to send images to someone else which can also be annotated with some clever or funny sentiment (if you are that way inclined). That said, this is not just another image sharing app (or nudie selfie catcher). No, this one has one unique feature which most (if not all) the others do not have. ScreenPop allows you to do all the taking, receiving, sharing and annotations direction from your lockscreen. Sweet huh!

Yes, with ScreenPop, gone are the days when you actually had to unlock your device to take and share an image. Now you can send an annotated image directly from your lockscreen to their lockscreen. According to the Play Store listing the app is literally "the fastest way to communicate" with someone else. Once the other person receives your lockscreen image, they can reply from their lockscreen (presuming they have the app installed), 'Like' your image or simply swipe it away and unlock their screen as normal. One interesting feature which is worth pointing out, is that the image you send remains on their lockscreen until they see it (basically until they unlock their phone). So you might want to be careful what images you are actually sending and especially if your friends/partners/spouses/recipients are somewhere where it might matter. If you want to give the app a try then hit the source link below and make sure to let us know what you think of the app.

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