SCOTTeVEST Announces The New Featherweight Vest With 14 Pockets For Your Tech And Travel Gear

February 25, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Traveling with a lot of tech isn’t always easy, especially if you aren’t trying to lug around a bag to hold all of your stuff. This is where the new SCOTTeVEST  Featherweight Vest comes in handy, giving users who typically like to carry around more than a smartphone, but don’t have enough space to put everything without carrying around a bag to hold things a way to hold tech and travel gear. The SCOTTeVEST Featherweight vest has 14 different pockets to hold your smartphone, your tablet, an RFID blocking pocket to hold your wallet and ID and/or your passport, two pockets for your pens,(one on both the right and left sides)two hand warmer pockets, two chest pockets, a D-ring key holder with an extendable loop plus more. There’s even a pocket for your earbuds which feeds them through the collar so they aren’t dangling on the outside, and of course we can’t forget the two change pockets located towards the bottom of the vest.

It’s a versatile piece of clothing to say the least, plus it’s equipped with a mesh lining to keep breathability and it’s water resistant so whatever you’re packing doesn’t get wet. To help keep things as light as possible(SCOTTeVEST states this is their lightest travel vest ever)it was made with a super light poly material, making it weigh just 9.6 ounces when the pockets are empty. As we mentioned above it is also water resistant, but it was also treated for stain repellency so you shouldn’t have to worry if you accidentally spill something on it.

The Featherweight Vest retails for about $135 on the SCOTTeVEST website, and although you can’t find the new Featherweight Vest on Amazon, you can find their RFID blocking vest for both men and women on Amazon which comes with 24 pockets instead of 14, although it won’t be as lightweight as the new Featherweight Vest. The Featherweight Vest should make it easier to stay cool when traveling with all of your stuff, even in the heat, and it comes in two colors, which are Cement and Cadet Blue. If vests aren’t your thing, SCOTTeVEST has a line of jackets, hoodies, and other clothing with tons of pockets to carry all your gear.