Samsung's Senior Executive In Charge Of The Galaxy S6 Launch Resigns

Samsung building

We found out yesterday that Samsung will hold their Unpacked event as part of MWC in Barcelona on March 1st. Well, we all know what that means, the Galaxy S6 is be unveiled at that event, one of the most expected devices of 2015. We’ve been seeing a ton of Galaxy S6 rumors thus far, and as it turns out, this Korean tech giant might actually release more than 1 version of the device. The Galaxy S6 with a curved display has also been mentioned, so we might see the Galaxy Note Edge-like device announced as well, besides, the invitation itself also points to a curved screen, at least I think it does.

Anyhow, according to the latest report by the Wall Street Journal, Samsung’s senior executive has left the company. We’re talking about Kim Seok-pil, which was in charge of Samsung’s rollout next month, which are somewhat disturbing news. Kim Seok-pil took the job back in December, and was on the helm of this project for less than a month and a half at this point, he was the Head of Strategic Marketing at Samsung Mobile. Lee Sang-chul, a man who is currently in charge of Samsung’s Russia operation, will replace the departing executive. The reason for Mr. Kim’s departure are health concerns it seems, and if that information is accurate, there’s nothing to worry about as far as the launch itself (or the product) goes.

Many executives left Samsung in the last couple of months, which is a part of Samsung’s restructuring plan in order to get their sales / profits back on track. As you already probably know, Samsung’s profits took a big hit in 2014, the company’s smartphone sales profit is down about 30% compared to 2013, and that was more than enough for Samsung to start shifting things around. The company introduced new build materials in their device’s design, and is reportedly working on de-bloating the TouchWiz. According to a ton of reports, the Galaxy S6 won’t’ be just an iterative update, but a true next-gen device which is supposed to bring Samsung back on the right path. Anyhow, the launch will take place in less than a month, we’ll be on the scene. Let’s see what Samsung has to say.