Samsung’s Data Contradicts IDC, Shows Number One For Indian Tablet Market

February 24, 2015 - Written By David Steele

This week, IDC reported that the top Indian tablet manufacturer is iBall, claiming 15.6% of the market share. Samsung were ranged second at 12.9%, both based on shipments. However, today Samsung have issued a statement stating that they are the market leader – grabbing 40.6% of the market share by volume and 49% by value in the October to December 2014 period. Samsung said that for the full year, the company achieved volume market share of 42.9% and value share of 51.2%. It explained the difference because it was from research firm GfK and based on sales rather than shipments. Samsung did not release the full GfK sales data but instead added that their syndicated researched showed their volume market share is more than the next four combined and for the year, their volume was almost five times the number two in the market.

Samsung have previous refuted a market research research firm report: earlier in February, Canalys reported that Micromax took 22% of the Indian smartphone market for Q4 2014 and Samsung claimed 20%. Samsung’s share was showing at 34.4% according to a report issued by GfK. Here again the differences in the report could be explained with the differences between shipping devices and selling devices as of course not all shipped devices are sold on to customers in the quarter that they arrived.

Samsung remains the global number one Android tablet manufacturer and clearly the company is doing its best to cling on to this lead around the world by tackling individual markets. Samsung’s statement did not reference that they had a difficult Q4 as the share was several percentage points below the overall year. Samsung are believed to be working on bringing more tablets into the Indian market, likely in the successful and popular Tab 2 family, to help boost sales. These should help their products compete against the local tablet manufacturers, including iBall.

To our readers, what do you think to Samsung’s Indian tablet offerings compared with the competitors? How do the iBall tablets compare? Do you think that a line up refresh will help the business? Let us know in the comments below.