Samsung Teases "No More Waiting for Apps" on Galaxy S6, Points to Super-Fast Performance


The drama around Samsung and Qualcomm has been very thick this year as the Galaxy S6 announcement looms over the horizon.  This coming weekend will mark the yearly Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, and with it will be the announcement of quite a few flagship devices.  Samsung will be announcing the Galaxy S6 there, and with it a brand new line of Exynos processors that power the devices.  This is a big change from the past couple of years where Samsung has relied on Qualcomm to supply the processors for its flagship devices, and while it's not the first time Samsung has gone all-Exynos with its lineup it will undoubtedly be the biggest.

While the choice to go Exynos this time around was undoubtedly due to Samsung trying to keep as much of the components for its phone in-house, performance of the processor can't be all that far off from Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810.  To prove that Samsung has now started a round of teasers for its upcoming Exynos 7420 including a vast mountain range with the tagline "Dauntless challenge, artistic breakthrough."  While the March 3rd date teased on this image is past the expected March 1st unveiling date for the Galaxy S6, Samsung is sure to have plenty of events over the next week to show off all that encompasses the Galaxy S6.


Samsung has also tweeted a rather strange video with the tagline "Waiting for an app to load is thing of the past with #Exynos processors." While this is an obvious play at the new Exynos processors being faster than the competition, the video seems to be broken.  At 2 minutes 3 seconds the video is nothing more than a quick loop of a 10-second clip played over and over again.  Besides this oddity the actual video itself feels very amateur, including some super cheesy placeholder graphics used on the phone in the scene.

While we can obviously overlook this bit of work on Samsung's part we're looking forward to seeing what Samsung has in store with its new processors.  After all Samsung has a leg up on Qualcomm when it comes to processors built with the big.LITTE 8-core architecture in mind, as it has a few generations of these processors behind them while Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810 is the company's first.

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