Samsung to Supply Processors for Qualcomm, NVIDIA and Apple?

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While Samsung is of course known for producing smartphones and tablets, they’re much more than just a company that gets everyone else to produce their smartphones, like Apple and HTC. Rather, Samsung is a manufacturing giant in their own right and they produce everything from batteries, displays to processors. With the news that Samsung will be using their own Exynos CPU in the upcoming Galaxy S6, it’s no surprise that we’re hearing more about the company when it comes to processors in general. Now, a new report out of Korea suggests that 2015 is the year that Samsung will become a force to be reckoned with when it comes to manufacturing processors for Qualcomm, Apple and others.

Business Week Korea is reporting that Samsung is headed for a “stellar” year where their processors are concerned. With companies looking to reduce their manufacturing costs, Samsung could begin manufacturing smartphoen chips for the likes of Qualcomm, Apple and NVIDIA as they’ve proven they can produce processors using a 14nm process. The reasons Samsung’s 14nm FinFET process has become popular are many, but less heat and more efficient power management are two of the big reasons. With a 14nm process, processors can be created to reach higher clock speeds while producing less heat. A Samsung executive points out that “the production process of 20 nm FinFETs is a mainstream technology in the market. Rival companies are trying to complete the manufacturing process of 16 nm FinFETs, but our company has already introduced the production process of 14 nm FinFETs.”

Samsung is a large company, and one that does much more than simply put together smartphones and tablets. They’re involved in TVs, home appliances and they’re even branching out into the IoT arena. If Samsung were tapped by the likes of Qualcomm and Apple to manufacture processors, it’d be a big boost to their bottom line and could help Samsung further the development of their own Exynos processors that have steadily improved over the last few years.