Samsung Patent Diagrams Show Extendable Top Part And Dual Curved Edge Design


Palm is a business that's reinvented itself at least four times now. In November 2002, Palm introduced the Tungsten T device. It heralded the introduction of a new version of Palm OS, including integrated Bluetooth and an extendable chassis design. The point of the extendable chassis was to show or hide the Palm Graffiti area, meaning that the device was smaller when not in use and larger when the user wanted to use the text input area.

The extendable chassis design is something Samsung are perhaps doing with one or more of their new devices and they're a mobile manufacturer that would surely benefit from a reinvention! The source website, Patently Mobile, has run an article showing new Samsung released documents that includes two curved edged sides and a mysterious pop up top panel. And I'm not sure what's more exciting: the idea of two curved edges or that pop up panel.


I'll write about the two curved edges first. The Samsung Galaxy Edge has a single, curved edge to the display, which may include a number of features, controls or notifications. That Samsung are preparing a device with two curved edges; this is great news. We've seen a number of rumors about a new Samsung Galaxy S Edge model, which could be to the Galaxy S6 what the Galaxy Note Edge is to the Galaxy Note 4. We've already seen Samsung release curved display devices in the form of the Nexus S and later the Galaxy Nexus. More recently, LG released the G Flex and just recently, the G Flex 2. What makes the recent Samsung designs more interesting is that Samsung have built in functionality into the curve: it's more than an interesting design feature.

It's also not clear what the pop-up panel is at the top of the design. This might be for the camera, for media buttons or the battery. It might be for some kind of biometric sensor, perhaps a retina scanner, as these are potentially fragile and should be kept safe. We don't know what this is for but the most likely would appear to be the camera module. The patent illustrations show the design of the unit but do not otherwise give a clue as to the components within. Given that there's no home button on the device – something that almost all Samsung Android devices have had (with the exception of the two Nexus smartphones), it's unclear how close to reality the patent diagrams are, either. What do our readers think to the dual curved edge design patent image? Does this excite and interest you? Would you prefer the Galaxy S Edge over a more conventional S6 design? Should Samsung make all S6 models have the curved edges? Let us know in the comments below, once you've taken a look at the design. There are more images at the source website: check them out!


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