Samsung Moves Galaxy S6 Announcement Two Hours After HTC One M9 Announcement


It's been typical for HTC and Samsung to announce their flagship devices within a few days of one another. In the last couple of years, we've seen these announcements drawing closer even if the Samsung device had tended to draw the most attention. In 2013, Samsung took over the massive screen at the New York Times Square to showcase the Galaxy S4. This year, Samsung appear to be reining in the big spending for the launch of the Galaxy S6 as it won't be held in so many places, but are instead trying to play smarter and closer to the HTC One announcement.

How much closer? We had originally believed the One to be announced on the 1 March with the Galaxy S6 being showcased the following day, 2 March. Then, Samsung moved the date to the 1 March and now the announcement is only two hours later. Why would Samsung move their announcement closer to HTC? In sales numbers, Samsung has had very little to fear from HTC, despite the slowdown of Galaxy device numbers. In design terms, unless Samsung can pull a rabbit out of a hat, I suspect that HTC will still have a definitive edge. And Samsung have traditionally had similar if not better box number hardware specification when we compare the flagships from the last three to four years. Both these flagship models something of a bellwether of the industry; perhaps Samsung are hoping to either capture some of HTC's gloss or more likely, outshine their competitor with their own, presumably sparkly and metal-clad flagship?


I'm interested to see what Samsung have done with the Galaxy S6. Sure; I'm interested with the HTC One M9, but as much as I am something of a HTC fan, I am expecting there to be fewer surprises. Samsung, however, have their back up against the wall. I hope that they take this opportunity to do something different from a functionality perspective rather than throwing yet more features at the already overloaded Galaxy flagship software suite. We don't have long until we find out: what do our readers think? Will you be watching out for the news on the 1 March as it'll point you towards the likely direction that the smartphone industry will be going this year? Are you interested in upgrading to one of the two new flagship models? Let us know in the comments below.

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