Samsung Might Have Just Hinted The Top Three Galaxy S6 Features

While rumors and leaks about the  Samsung Galaxy S6 are not surprising, specially when we are just 8 days away from the launch, this particular news might be the sneakiest move a smartphone player has played to tease people in the recent times. Samsung Norway just released three images or teasers suggesting what features the Galaxy S6 may be carrying.

There are three images in total, each having a rumor listed with a small graphical representation.The first image reads "One feature that we might see is forward-facing stereo speakers." This is a feature that has been on every Samsung user's wishlist. We have to accept that HTC's implementation of front-facing speakers have spoiled us, so much so that our ears wish to have the same experience when looking at those crispy AMOLED screens. Maybe, finally, we can be hopeful that Samsung would fulfill this. The second one is the more practical one, it reads "The new Galaxy is expected to be durable." and this can be confirmed with supporting leaks that suggest that the Galaxy S6 would be built around a metal body. But while metal is a great choice, it is also prone to scuffs and dents that plastic backs can easily dodge. But, we are not complaining, we definitely like the direction Samsung is heading in over here. The third and the last one says  "Samsung Galaxy display is supposed to reach onto three sides." while this gets most of us thinking, it seems like the one that is quite a bit far fetched to achieve at the moment. Samsung recently experimented with the Galaxy Note Edge and brought a curved display to the market. As innovative as the Note Edge was, it received mixed reactions from people and we are not quite sure if Samsung would go with such a design. However, there is a Galaxy S6 Edge that is equally likely to be announced and this might as well be the thing the Galaxy S6 Edge is equipped with.

Is this Samsung confirming via a sneaky move that these features (which are just rumors till release date) will actually be translated to features on board the Galaxy S6? Only time will tell, till then we shall continue serving the latest happenings regarding the Galaxy S6.


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