Samsung Holds Just 4% of Smartphone Market in Japan; Considers Withdrawal



The international smartphone market on the whole is a competitive one, but there are two names that have managed to stay on top and that's Apple and Samsung. Everywhere you look, it seems to be Apple and Samsung that divide the lion's share of any given market between them both, that is, everywhere but Japan. A report coming out of South Korea states that Samsung is in sixth place in Japan, holding just 4% market share in the region. There's a number of things that are no doubt affecting Samsung's performance, but it could now be time for Samsung to consider withdrawing from the Japanese smartphone market, something the company is actively considering according to Business Korea.


According to reports, Samsung has been struggling in Japan's smartphone arena for quite some time now, with their market share dropping from 17% to 4% over the past few years. It now looks like Samsung is losing money in Japan and that the company is looking to withdraw from the Japanese market altogether as a result of not being able to spin any profit. Whether or not Japan sees the launch of the Galaxy S6 is a mystery as of right now. Samsung chose Japan to be a focus market for the Galaxy Note Edge last Fall, but it looks like they sold only tens of thousands, a figure that must seem foreign to Samsung's accountants.

The Japanese smartphone market is certainly a strange one, when compared to the US at least. Sony is doing very well in their home market and Apple has gained even more ground with the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It would appear that Samsung's days in Japan are all but over, not everyone can break into such a small and competitive market like Japan's and if withdrawing from the Japanese market is to help their bottom line, then there's no shame in admitting defeat, the foolish thing to do would be to keep spending money in a market that clearly just isn't interest.

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