The Samsung Galaxy Tab S Could Get The Update To Android 5.0 Lollipop By March Or April

February 5, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Many loyal fans and users of virtually every major smartphone brand are eagerly awaiting the update to Android 5.0 Lollipop, and today we’ve already seen a couple of devices begin to receive the roll out of the software upgrade, like the HTC One M7 on Sprint and the Samsung Galaxy S5 on Sprint. Samsung’s smartphones won’t be the only devices to get Lollipop though, some of their tablets will be getting them as well. Samsung’s best offering in the tablet space so far might be the Galaxy Tab S, and according to SamMobile Samsung is currently working on and testing Android Lollipop on the Galaxy Tab S, and that it has a potential launch or roll out to user devices by sometime in March or April.

This pertains to the Galaxy Tab S 8.4-inch model as well as the Galaxy Tab S 10.5-inch model, although according to the sources the roll outs will likely be phased and regional so they probably won’t be reaching everyone within a couple of weeks after they begin. It’s also entirely possible that updates could begin pushing out to the devices in some areas beginning in March, while taking through April to reach all users across all regions. At this point the specifics of the timing is up in the air as there is nothing to suggest when exactly things will start, but at least users now have a somewhat general time window.

As we’ve already seen what Lollipop looks like on the Galaxy S5, we can expect to see the same types of improvements for the Galaxy Tab S in the way of smoothing out the user experience a little bit with the TouchWiz UI, which should hopefully bring about a little better performance, although the Tab S was pretty highly regarded by users as performing quite well. Do you currently own a Galaxy Tab S and if so, are you stock waiting on the software update or have you rooted it and already thrown on a custom ROM? Just a couple more months and you could be looking at your device on the latest version of Android software.