Samsung Galaxy S6 Photos Surface Including Almost Full Front, Back And Side Views

February 25, 2015 - Written By Cory McNutt

As we are fast approaching this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, where, among other things, Samsung will announce their new and improved Galaxy S6 and most likely a Galaxy S6 Edge model.  Many leaks have shown up over the past few days, but these photos appear to have the finished Galaxy S6 showing in its bubble wrap, ready to go.  It could be the most authentic leak yet of possibly the most wildly anticipated device so far this year.

The photos are close to what we have been hearing about the Galaxy S6 – it is showing the larger and slightly rounded home button, which would help solidify the rumor that Samsung is switching from a fingerprint scanner over to a fingerprint sensor for a more accurate reading.  No more needing to swipe your finger more than once to get into the device or make authorizations via your fingerprint.  It also appears that Samsung is changing its volume button from a rocker style to a two-button affair – one to increase and one to decrease the volume.

The overall look of the chassis of the Galaxy S6 in this picture – the camera design and heart sensor – appear to fit in with the style of the many leaked cases that we have seen lately.  There is also a square ‘cut-out’ looking area below and slightly to the right on the heart rate sensor – a user at XDA-Developers is calling it a ‘rear glass,’ which could account for the wireless charging we have also heard about in the many rumors.

From the front photo, it almost looks like ‘business as usual’ other than the larger home button…I guess this is Samsung’s way of justifying keeping the home button .  The rest of the device looks much like previous Galaxy S models, although the side-view certainly offers some hope of refinement.  Samsung needs to score big with this year’s ‘S’ model and we were expecting something a little more radical looking – could it be that they saved all of that experimentation for the Galaxy S Edge, just to see how it is received?

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