Samsung Galaxy S6 Is Boasting The Lowest Radiation Level Of Any Flagship Device Available

February 9, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Over the last few weeks we have heard some impressive stats on the latest Samsung device, the Samsung Galaxy S6. If we were to believe them all, then we are probably looking at the best device of the year. Not to mention, we now pretty much know for sure that it is coming in two different variants with the standard Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Samsung Galaxy S Edge. In case you missed it, the Edge version will be similar to the Note Edge although twice as Edged, with an Edge running down either side of the device.

Well, it seems, the Samsung Galaxy S6 won’t be only focusing on all the big, mighty and awe-inspiring specs, but will also make sure it is a leader in the smaller (probably more overlooked) specs department. A prime example of this is the SAR ratings. To clear this up quickly, SAR stands for ‘Specific Absorption Rate’ and in very short terms represents how much radiation one is exposed to when using a mobile device. For years now, we have heard the scaremongering stories that mobile devices so close to the head and emitting radio waves, will cause health issues. Well, this is where these SAR ratings come in and are used to advise you that your device meets all the SAR recommended doses.

To be considered ‘suitable for human use’, a device must register a SAR value lower than 1.6 watts per kilogram (W/kg). To give you a couple of examples, the Samsung Galaxy S5 registers (in Europe) 0.56 W/kg while the more recent Samsung Galaxy Note 4 registers a lower 0.37 W/kg. Well, it seems the Galaxy S6 will hands down beat all other Samsung devices will a SAR rating of 0.306 W/kg. In fact, it not only beats all previous Samsung devices, but also beats any flagship device currently on the market. Presumably, making it one of the safety devices (in terms of radiation) to use. It is worth noting the current SAR value is for the head value, which basically means how much radiation the head is exposed to. The body SAR limit is also registered by the various governing bodies and this was again noted extremely low for the Galaxy S6, with a body SAR level of 0.409 W/kg. So there you go, as well as expecting monsterous specs, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will also be one of the safest devices to use. Happy about that? Let us know.