Samsung Calls 2015 the Year of Wireless Charging, Hints at New Galaxy S6 Tech

Samsung has been around the smartphone game for a long time, and part of that game is integrating as many components as possible that might become the next big thing, as they like to call it.  Wireless charging in and of itself is certainly nothing new, as Samsung themselves have been doing it since the Droid Charge landed on Verizon on 2011.  However Samsung doesn't always ship their phones with wireless charging built in, as you normally would have to buy a different back for the phone to enable this feature.  This has had the negative effect of making the device thicker, costing extra since you have to buy something in addition to the phone anyway, and also charging much more slowly than just plugging it in.

In a long blog post detailing the history of wireless charging harkening all the way back to Nikola Tesla, Samsung talks about how their upcoming Galaxy smartphones will usher in a new world of wireless like never before.  In the article they talk about how the thickness of wireless charging components, like the rest of the phone components, have become thinner along the years.  The Galaxy Note 4's wireless charging components are just 0.8mm thick for instance, and Samsung hints that the upcoming Galaxy S6 will feature even thinner components.  We've seen plenty of rumors talking about how thin the new Galaxy S6 is going to be, coming in at 6.91mm thin or the same thickness as the iPhone 6.  This doesn't leave much room for the old wireless charging components, meaning Samsung has likely come up with something entirely new.

Then there's also the battery rumors that we've seen for the device.  2,600mAh is 200mAh smaller than the Galaxy S5, again hinting that the phone is going to be super thin and will need a little more room inside that thin case for other components, forcing the battery size to be reduced.  This all comes together with the metal unibody design that's been leaked for quite some time now, hinting that wireless charging won't just be built in but that it will be standard because the battery won't be removable.  While wireless charging standards are very different and there are a few out there, including Qi and PMA/A4WP, Samsung talks about components that bridge the gap between these.  These new components would be standard agnostic and would prove to be some seriously amazing new tech if it does indeed come built into the Galaxy S6 out of the box.

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