Rumored Prices For Samsung’s Galaxy S6 And Galaxy S6 Double Edge Revelead For Brazilian Market

February 2, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Samsung’s Mobile World Congress event comes up on the first of March as they just sent out invites for the event this morning for the upcoming ‘Unpacked‘, and this is when we’re expected to see the unveiling of the Galaxy S6 which will be Samsung’s flagship for the year. There have been a number of rumors surrounding this device already including the release of a possible edged model which has also been rumored to sport a double edged screen, but the latest news focuses on the price of the handset, which is rumored to be starting at R$ 2,899 for the Brazilian market.

That R$ 2,899 is listed by the source as the cost for the regular Galaxy S6 model, but they mention the cost of an upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 Double Edge device for R$ 3,899, which adds to the rumors that the Galaxy S6 Edge will have an edge on each side instead of just one like on the Galaxy Note Edge. While the prices for handsets in Brazil are inflated compared to what we pay for them here in the states, if we were to convert that R$ 2,899 to USD we would be seeing the Galaxy S6 come in at $1,063, which is absolutely insane for the price of a Galaxy S device here.

Even further, if we’re to take the conversion of the rumored Galaxy S6 Double Edge which is rumored to be set at a price of R$ 3,899, that converts to $1,430. There is no way Samsung would launch a handset here in the states for that price range, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see the Galaxy S6 come in at $650 with the Galaxy S6 Double Edge coming in at a hundred bucks more ending up at $750. Even prices of $650 and $800 would be believable. All of these costs are speculation of course for now, but it gives you some form of an idea as to the fact that if these prices for the Brazilian models are correct or somewhat close, the Galaxy S6 will be a little more expensive than last year’s Galaxy S5. We only have a few more weeks to wait before Samsung’s Unpacked event at MWC 2015, and we should hear about the pricing of the phone there if they unveil it at the conference.