Rumor: Tablescape Could Potentially Be Google's Foodie Focused Social Community In Testing

Google seems to have an appreciation for good food. Anyone who has a been to Google I/O in the past few years likely knows this as they had quite the amazing spread for attendees to stuff their faces and fill their stomachs. There is a rumor that has started spreading that Google may be looking to bring this love of culinary fare to the world of social networking with a new community called Tablescape, which by the looks of the leaked screenshots appears to be a place ripe with the posts from food enthusiasts who want to share photos of the food they're about eat with others.

The community appears to take heavy design queues from Google+, with a social stream that users would scroll through to view all the posts within their feed of people who they follow or circle. The app also appears to offer sections for users to "explore," which we would assume gives users the ability to potentially search for posts relating to food nearby perrhaps, of course that is just a guess and it could just be a way for people to explore the different types of food being posted about, but given Google's record for adding in the ability to find things around you within some of their apps it would make sense. There are also categories for a dish of the day, featured posts, and a "My Foodgraphs" section which is likely a compiled graph of photos containing locations and data accompanied by the pictures of the food you as a user posted within Tablescape. Based on these images, when creating a new post you can add location so people know where you acquired your dish, and you can seemingly add "badges" or "tags" to categorize what type of food you're posting about, with options like homemade, vegetarian, naughty(which we'll assume is spicy food), beer, gluten-free, chocolate, healthy, vegan, coffee, cheesy, etc.

The description of Tablescape is a community for you to make, share, and discover amazing foodgraphs, so it's immediately clear that if this project is actually being tested and ever gets off the ground, that the focus is bringing awareness, and the sharing of amazing food with others who may share a passion for all things digestible. When and if we see this drop into the Play Store in the future is unknown at this point, but seeing as how there are literally millions of pictures of food being shared on Instagram Google believes or rather knows that there is a market for a community like Tablescape. Would you be interested in using an app like this? Do you have a sweet spot for excellent cuisine and just generally amazing, great tasting dishes? Tablescape could be a way for you to share that love.

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