A Rumor Surrounding a New and "Smarter" Flagship From Motorola Hits Twitter

According to a Tweet from leaker Ricciolo (source link below), we can expect something big from Motorola in the very near future. The tweet asks the reader if they are looking for a "smarter" flagship than other "smartphones." He gave us a hint by showing a picture of the Motorola logo with the word Moto next to it. In the tweet he added, "...Coming soon.." You can view a screen grab of the tweet below.

So what does this mean? Well, it is cryptic to say the least and could point to just about anything. At this point it is just rumor and speculation, so take this tip with a side of caution. But what we do know about Motorola could give us insight as to what they have in store for us.

When Google was at Motorola's helm, we saw the company rise from the ashes and put forth some new phones with some great innovations and customizations which reinvigorated user faith in the company, as well as bolster sales. Even though Motorola has done a lot of operating in the red, the company has been slowly digging itself out and looks to have a bright future ahead of itself. One of these new ideas that came from the Google acquisition was the integration of voice commands and various voice friendly features. This tweet could elude to new and more intelligent voice and user features that will make Motorola's new flagship phone more capable.

Another possibility is charging or battery technology. Motorola has always been proud of it's charging and battery capabilities. It could be that Motorola has developed new smart technology to enable their devices to go further on a single battery charge. Battery power is frequently chosen as one of the top issues that face consumers. Phone manufacturers, including Motorola, have been churning out better batteries and software to help manage a batteries power consumption in the past few years. But with more and more people streaming content to their mobile devices, the demand for better batteries that can hold up to higher power consumption has become even more critical. If this rumor eludes to a new type of flagship smartphone with more powerful battery management; Motorola could have a cash cow on their hands, and it would certainly be a huge selling point when consumers are looking to purchase a new Android smartphone.

While those two ideas seem like good candidates, there is one possibility that this tweet could elude to. Motorola is set to return to the Chinese market this year. It left the market back in 2013 when it was acquired by Google. Since then the Chinese market has been overrun by Xiaomi which has a huge hold on the mid to high range mobile device market there. Of course Samsung and Apple are also powerhouses in the Chinese market, so Motorola has its work cut out for itself if it wants to regain a share of the market in China. What better way to gain a foothold than to introduce a new product to create a huge marketing buzz? It is not outside the realm of possibility. Now that Motorola is under the Lenovo banner, it will give them a great distribution point into China. Motorola has already stated that the Moto Maker will be available in China sometime around the end of May. Chief Operating Officer Rick Osterloh has said that in order to be considered a serious global player you have to be able to hold a prominent spot in China. This rumor could be that push to make Motorola a huge player.

As stated this is all speculation. It is anyone's guess as to what, if anything, Motorola has up its sleeve. It could be possible that this is just a way to stir up buzz for the upcoming Mobile World Congress next month. We will just have to wait and see.

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