Rumor: No Press Conference for Sony During MWC 2015

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Sony might not be doing quite as well as they’d like to be in the mobile arena, but they’re still a force to be reckoned with and they’re certainly not a company that anybody should write off. It’s this time of year that we expect Sony to announce their devices for the first half of the year, with September and IFA being the time of year we see Sony release devices for the end of the year. With Mobile World Congress just around the corner, we’re all expecting Sony to release their latest Xperia Z device as well as some other little surprises. However, according to yet another report, this time from Xperia-Blog, it’s possible that Sony isn’t to hold a press conference during MWC 2015 at all.

Xperia-Blog is reporting that Sony might not be holding a press conference after all, but instead announce new devices and simply let journalists – like our own Alex Maxham whom will be in attendance – come by their booth and take a look, starting March 2nd through to March 5th. We’ve reached out to Sony a couple of times, and they keep on telling us they’ve yet to finalize plans, so this could be likely. Especially considering Samsung and HTC have already scheduled their press conferences and had everything worked out for some time now. It does look like March 2nd is to be the big day for Sony, as they announce new products for the coming year, so we’ll certainly have all the news for you as it comes.

If this turns out to be true, it’d be a strange move for Sony, after all the company usually holds press conferences to announce each and every Xperia Z iteration since the original. Could this be a sign that the company is moving away from their usual six-month lifecycle for flagship devices? There’s a possibility, add this latest rumor to the fact that we’ve seen very little rumors break out concerning an Xperia Z4 and Sony could be waiting until later in the year to announce their latest and greatest. I’m fairly certain that they will be announcing new products, with an Xperia E1 II having appeared over the weekend and rumors of more devices on the way. Either way, we’ll have the news as it comes.