Rony Abovitz: Magic Leap's First Augmented Reality Product Is "Not Far Away"


I don't know if you recall, but Google invested $542 million into Magic Leap, which is quite an investment by this tech giant. What is Magic Leap? Well, this is a Florida-based company which is working on a technology which essentially overlays computer-generated images on top of your (normal) field of vision. And yeah, augmented reality is what we're talking about here. The augmented reality is the future according to many experts, and you probably also know that Microsoft is working on something similar with their HoloLens goggles.

Well, an interested story came to the surface which regards Magic Leap's founder, Rony Abovitz. This is quite an interesting man, he has lots of hobbies, and amongst others, he plays a guitar and bass in a rock band Sparkydog and Friends. Mr. Abovitz was interviewed by MIT Technology, in which he said that he wanted to take his band on tour and play on rooftops like U2 did in one of the band's videos (Where the Streets Have No Name). He imagined this completely differently though, considering he wanted to build a head-mounted display that would beam the images directly into people's eyes, instead of projecting images out in front of people. This would allow them to play on many rooftops at once, but Mr. Abovitz gave up quickly due to the low-quality of the technology and the cost.


Magic Leap is definitely an interesting product, unlike other virtual reality devices, it doesn't trick your eyes by projecting two slightly different images, this product is actually beaming images through a tiny lens directly into wearer's retina, which allegedly makes those images mix with images from the real world. This sounds really odd, yeah, but it apparently projects realistic 3D images and doesn't make you sick in the process.

Mr. Abovitz didn't mention when they company will launch the product in his interview, but did say that the launch is not that far away at this point, so it's more than possible we'll see it launched in the coming months. Would you like to try out Magic Leap once it launches?

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