PSA: Google Talk To Finally End Tomorrow After Almost Ten Years

February 23, 2015 - Written By Stephen Sard

We wanted to remind everyone that beginning tomorrow, February 23, 2015, Google will cut the power to Google Talk forever. Not many users are still using the old tried and true messenger application. Tomorrow marks the final transition by turning off the service for PC users for good. Google is putting all its eggs in the Google Hangouts basket. Google Talk got its start back in August of 2005. It was plain and simple and it just worked. That reason alone is why some PC users have clung to the Google Talk application. For some, Hangouts has been a bit of an issue and experiencing several minor issues that can make the service a headache. Google has made huge efforts to improve Hangouts and will have more features still to come.

Google Hangouts has many features that were lacking in Google Talk. It has evolved into a communications platform that suits most of the needs by today’s users. The Android application can handle your text, video chat, multi-video chat with several users at once, and is cross platform so you can stay connected no matter what device you are on. With Google Talk closing down for good, Google can now focus on one communication software and we hope make better and more powerful features.

However, if you still want to hold on to Google Talk for just a little while longer, there is a bit of hope. According to Mayur Kamat, Google’s Product Manager for Google Voice and Google Hangouts (Source Link below), you can still use certain third-party applications which will allow you to continue to use Google Talk. He also reminds users that these third-party applications are not part of Google, so users should take caution when using their password for these third-party applications. He also urged users to make the switch to the official Google Hangouts Chrome application or to utilize Google Hangouts from their Gmail page on the web.

All good things must come to an end. Google Talk, while lacking in some features, worked well for most users. But as it evolved into Google Hangouts, the need to have two applications for communication became unnecessary. Google has placed everything into Google Hangouts to handle all of its communications services. Google Hangouts is cross platform and has many great and useful features to keep you and your friends, co-workers, and family connected. While Google Talk was great, it is time to say goodbye.