PS4 Owners Rejoice, Remote Play for All Android Devices is Unofficially Here!

February 11, 2015 - Written By Nick Sutrich

Ever since Sony launched the Playstation 4, owners of the console have shared gazillions of hours of videos, photos and other media from the system.  Sony makes this easy via a share button that gives the user quick access to this functionality, and it’s been a joy to use, to say the least.  Among the other sharing features Sony included with the PS4 was the ability to remotely play games on your PS4 using just your phone, and of course a Bluetooth enabled controller like the Dualshock 4 that ships with the system.  Sony restricted this only to a few Xperia phones and tablets as well as the PS Vita and Playstation TV though, paring down the number of possible users to a scant few.  This is especially problematic in the US where the Xperia brand name is relatively unknown, and Sony has announced no plans to open this up to other phones or platforms.

Thankfully what the community wants the community eventually gets, and now we’ve got our very own app from XDA Developer TheScriptKitty that works with essentially any Android device out there.  You can be running a device as old as Android 2.2 FroYo, so when we say all Android devices you should be pretty much covered if yours still works.  Grab the app at the XDA Developers source link below, where the app is available as a simple APK installer package that installs like a normal app on your phone, or for the more adventurous there’s a zip that’s flashable from within a custom recovery.

Beyond just offering the ability to play on basically every Android device out there TheScriptKitty included a large number of enhancements that significantly improve the app over the stock Sony version.  First off root check and APK signature check have been disabled, meaning even rooted users can use the app without issue.  You don’t need to be on WiFi any longer, which means that you should have no problem getting in those extra hours of Destiny while at work on your lunch break via your phone or tablet.  There’s also native DualShock 4 support, which while is in beta should work pretty well.  If you’d rather not use a controller there’s a full virtual controller interface on the screen that’ll probably only be useful in some games.  Make sure to follow the instructions in the post or the excellent how-to video below and of course, check your router for any ports that need to be opened if you run into any issues.  Lollipop users will likely have to open ports TCP 9295, 9293 and UDP 9296 and 9297.  Also don’t forget to leave your PS4 on suspend mode instead of powering it completely off if you want to enjoy remote play via the Internet.