Possible Asia-Bound LG G4 Model Number and Screen Resolution Leaked

The LG G4 is one of the big phones to look forward to after Mobile World Congress this weekend.  The G2 pioneered rear-facing volume and power buttons, while the G3 introduced the first globally available QuadHD (2560 by 1440) display on a smartphone, with the trend it started carrying into the fall and this coming wave of flagships.  We've also seen leaks of model numbers of LG G4 models for various parts of the world, and this time we might have one related to AT&T's.

The AT&T LG G4 will reportedly, as we covered previously, was LG-H810, which fit in with a possible name and model upgrade to match the move from G3 to G4.  But today, courtesy of  MyLGPhones, we got another model name which is purportedly another G4 variant.  This time, the model comes in at LG-H818, an odd one for sure, especially given that none of the four major carriers in the United States has a similar model number.  So, let's dig into this one.

So, the LG-H818 is an odd model number for a device, which usually ends in some incremental upgrade from the previous year's version.  There is a model number for an Asian market-intended Lg G3 which is the LG-D818, so this could and likely is some updated device for the Asian market given this 'coincidence'.  Looking to the source's image, a User Agent Profile, we can see a few things of note.

First, there's the mark of a 2560 by 1440 pixel QuadHD display.  this is a likely indicator it'll be a G4 instead of something of  smaller 'mini' type of LG device bound for anywhere.  Second, and most interestingly, is the last item mentioned in the profile shot.  See the "VoiceInputCapable>No<" at the bottom, under the denotation that LG Electronics will be the maker of the device this comes from?  That alone makes it worth questioning: what device or type of device would not allow for voice input but still feature a QuadHD display?  Regardless, this is likely a G4-related device presence, so we'll keep you updated if any new numbers come out for models or clarifications.  What do you think this one could be, an Asian-bound LG G4, or something else, perhaps more tablet-y?  Is the G4, despite its summer release date, still holding your attention, or have you focused on the recent and upcoming Galaxy S6 and One M9 instead?  Let us know down below.

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