Playdead Launches Grim Indie Puzzle-Platformer Hit ‘LIMBO’ Onto The Play Store

February 11, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

If you’re like me, you more or less got your start on puzzle-platformers with LIMBO. It was released initially back on July 21 2010 on multiple platforms including Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Now it’s finally made its way onto Android and is live via the Play Store as you read this. LIMBO is an adventure title with puzzle-platformer gameplay, with a sort of creepy if not an almost macabre feeling. No doubt you’ve seen plenty of games inspired by LIMBO’S graphical style on Android before, and while some are genuinely good games, none of them are LIMBO. Playdead does a great job putting this on the Android platform, as everything runs fluid, movement controls feel nice, and there’s the addition of things like Google Play Games service with achievements. We gamers love achievements.

The basis of the game has you playing a little boy who enters Limbo to discover his sister’s fate. Along the way to finding out what you’ve set out to discover you’ll encounter plenty of puzzles, traps and enemies like monstrous spiders. The game is beautifully crafted from head to toe, with an artistic set of visuals and sometimes mind boggling gameplay which you very well could spend hours on just trying to figure out how to get past a specific spot. You can grab LIMBO from the Play Store for $4.99, and I’ve thrown in a few screenshots of the game below for you to check out.