Pebble Appear To Be Launching A Colour Smartwatch

Pebble have recently celebrated their millionth device sold and we covered a cagey interview with the Chief Executive in which he discussed the device interface and some of the challenges that the business faces. At the time, few real details were discussed regarding the up and coming device but a few days later a timer appeared on the Pebble's website. That timer reaches zero tomorrow, when presumably Pebble are to announce something... but what?

It appears that part of the announcement concerned a color Pebble device - and by color, I don't mean the case but the screen. One of Pebble's cornerstones has been battery life, so it would appear that the company has switched to using an improved screen that's both low in power consumption but also includes colors. There are some other differences, too: the leaked image showing above gives the Pebble smartwatch larger bezels and more recessed buttons compared with the original and later Steel varieties. To my mind, it looks less elegant than the original and especially the Steel metal version but I'm also very aware that this image looks like a render simply designed to show off the new screen technology. The message here is: take little heed of the hardware design.

The hardware might be different, but it's the changes and improvements to the software where we are hoping - expecting - Pebble to have made significant improvements. In the recent article, the Chief Executive Officer Eric Migicovsky explained how his vision for smartwatches differed from the current competition. Eric does not understand the appeal of Google Now nor the point of having it enabled on a wrist-mounted device but conceded that the competition from Apple would be "interesting." One of Eric's points was that the Pebble is perhaps more limited in functions compared with the Android Wear devices of this world but what it does, it does well?

We will have more information tomorrow. Until then, we are simply guessing. Meanwhile, what do you think to the new screen design? What are you hoping to see from Pebble? Have you foregone an Android Wear device in favor of the Pebble smartwatch? Let us know in the comments below.

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