OnePlus One CameraNext Modded to Include 64-Second Slow Shutter, Instant Shutter, HDR Video and More

February 2, 2015 - Written By Nick Sutrich

OnePlus has always been proud of the camera that’s in the OnePlus One.  After all before the phone was even shown off they held a photo contest where they sent out pre-production units of the device wrapped in a fake camera body just to show off how good the thing really is at taking pictures.  There are two parts that make up the camera of a device; the physical hardware itself, and the software.  No matter how good the physical hardware is the software is what runs the show, so even the best sensor in the world can produce terrible pictures if the software isn’t up to snuff.  Cyanogen and OnePlus’s CameraNext app that shipped with the OnePlus One has been updated multiple times since the phone’s release, each time adding a new feature and fixing bugs, but there have been some lingering things that users have wanted since the beginning.

Now developer abhi08638 on XDA-Developers has taken the latest build of CameraNext and modded it, bringing plenty of new features to the table and exposing features that Cyanogen hasn’t created an interface for just yet.  The list of changes is huge, so let’s start with the visual ones first.  Probably the biggest complaint anyone has has with the interface of CameraNext is that it displays the photos in full screen no matter the aspect ratio, so even if you have 4:3 chosen it displays in 16:9, cutting off the top and bottom of the image leaving you guessing the actual framing of the image.  Now you can turn on letterboxing, showing you the full frame of the shot just like Google Camera does.

Outside of that there’s plenty of back-end changes that are delightful, including a brand new zero-lag shutter that literally takes a picture the second the shutter button is pressed.  The best part about this is that there’s no degradation in image quality, meaning there’s absolutely no reason not to turn this on.  In addition to that there’s now near-instant RAW saving and 4 supported RAW modes, so it doesn’t take a few seconds to save a RAW image anymore.  Don’t like your pictures looking super muddy because of the denoise filter?  Now you can turn that off in camera options, freeing your camera up to produce more of a raw image than a heavily processed one.

There’s also a brand new set of slow shutter selections, upping it from 8-seconds maximum in the original CameraNext app all the way to 64-seconds as the ColorOS camera allows.  There are also a ton of image adjustment options like sharpness, saturation and others buried within.  On top of all the still image options there’s now an option to easily turn HDR-video recording on or off instead of the weird way to do it in the original app.  Couple this with digital video stabilization, color effects and more and you’ve got the ultimate camera app for the OnePlus One.  Head to the XDA Developers thread at the course link below and grab the APK or Zip file depending on what you’re running.  The best part is root isn’t even needed to do that vast majority of these changes, meaning those that still have a stock OnePlus One can still participate!