No. 1 X-Men X1 Ultra Rugged Phone Unboxing

February 17, 2015 - Written By Nick Sutrich

Rugged phones are a niche segment of the smartphone market that often don’t get the attention that they deserve.  While it’s true that rugged phones used to mean super old specs and a generally poor user experience, all of that has changed in the past year or so.  We now not only have phones that can withstand the elements and survive nearly any sort of beating they are given, but these phones can also take any processing task you throw at them with ease too.  Chinese manufacturer No. 1 has made one of these sorts of phones and they call it the X-Men X1.  No. 1 unveiled this phone in December and now we’ve got one in-house to test for you.

For around $150 you can buy the X-Men X1, which gets you this super rugged phone that’s rated for seven different kinds of environmental conditions.  These conditions include being water proof, dust proof, scratch proof, shock proof, pressure proof, freeze proof and heat proof.  We’ve done a little unboxing and first boot for you so that you can see everything that’s included in the package as well as how the phone looks.  Check out the YouTube video below to see it for yourself and check out No. 1’s site for more info on the phone.