The Next Galaxy Shows off Teaser Image Suggesting The Galaxy S6 Will Have Great Low-Light Performance

Earlier today, we got some glances and a video showing us that the next Galaxy S device from Samsung will be highlighting the camera.  SamMobile has also shared that the camera will be at least 16 megapixels.  And earlier today we got a #TheNextGalaxy video, giving us a reason to care about the camera on the upcoming flagship.  and now, we have even more of a hint at what the device might be capable of capturing with the camera inside.

Samsung has been known for producing some great devices with some not-so-great camera modules and experiences.  But, with the Galaxy S6 we heard that Samsung would be 'starting from scratch' in designing and giving features to the latest Galaxy S device.  The Twitter account of The Next Galaxy has shown us some fun hints that the camera will be a huge focus, all puns obvious, of the device.  the Note 4, released globally last fall, packed the best camera a Samsung Galaxy device has featured yet, with the usual treasure trove of features, modes, and tweaks.  This year in the Galaxy S6, however, we might get an even better experience.

The Galaxy S6 is rumored to feature a higher megapixel count, as well as the great and much-awaited addition of hardware-based optical image stabilization (as opposed to to software-based as seen in the Galaxy S5 last spring).  With the camera getting optical image stabilization, low-light performance is undoubtedly going to improve.  And, since we all know that taking pictures in a mostly-darkened space with the focal point being brightly lit (or a light source itself), the latest tease from Samsung's Next Galaxy is a dead giveaway of the OIS.  "Find clarity in darkness." it says, as the photo itself is a likely-darkened shaft with the sun shining down at the lens from above, with the walls of the shaft still being visible and defined.

Two things to think about regarding the photo.  First, could this be a scaled down (to not reveal the megapixels of the camera, since it's only 600 by 300 pixels) version of an actual image captured by the S6 camera.  And the other thing that it could be is highlighting not only the OIS aspect of the new optics on the S6 but also a possible low-light or dim-scene HDR mode to allow for exposure compensation to make the darks brighter but still detailed and not whiting out the already-bright areas.  Either of these would be great additions to the already massive library of features of the Samsung Touchwiz.  And paired with the use of the new Lollipop camera api allowing for raw image capture, the S6's camera is shaping up to be impressive and hard to top by its competitors at HTC and LG.  What features do you hope the S6's camera adds, or subtracts (since Samsung seem willing to subtract features from Touchwiz and offer them as additional), from the experience on the Note 4 from this past fall?  Let us know down below.

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