New Tasker Plugin Called AutoWear Allows Users To Automate Their Android Wear Devices

AH AutoWear 1

For all the things Android Wear is already capable of even in its infancy, there are still a great many more things it could be capable of and likely that users wish it had the ability to do. Functionality is of great importance when it comes to our tech, and while we want even our technology to look nice, above all else it has to be able to perform. When it comes to the world of Android, if there was anything that has allowed any Android device to perform and function past its capabilities out of the box, it’s Tasker, an application that brings in tons of functions to the user, many of them automated which brings an expanded use to the device.

The creator of numerous useful plugins for use with Tasker has just announced a new application called AutoWear, which is one of the many Tasker plugins that allows users to automate tasks and expand the capabilities of their devices. Since AutoWwear is a Tasker plugin, it doesn’t work on its own and users will need to make sure that it, as well as the actual Tasker application are installed on their devices. Furthermore, using many of Tasker’s functions may require root so you’ll want to double check on the features you’re looking to get out Tasker as well as AutoWear before you jump into the installation.

The plugin will allow users to do just about anything with their Android Wear devices that they otherwise couldn’t before, like creating notifications on their Android Wear devices with whatever information they want. It’s also capable of allowing users to create floating icons, automate and control the watch, control their phones with their Android Wear smartwatch and much more. There are literally so many possibilities of how users can use AutoWear to automate things with their Android Wear devices that there is just too many to name. We have included the video below which covers a more detailed overview of some of the possibilities of what this app can do, so we’d recommend checking that out. AutoWear is also free to install, and users will get a 7 day free trial of the app to test things and see how they like the functionality.