New Samsung Galaxy S6 Cases Emerge, Confirm new Rear Sensor Placement


Some new Galaxy S6 cases have started appearing on the web, and these new cases seem to confirm a new placement for the rear sensors. They currently come under no less than 8 color variations, further increasing the customization options of the Samsung Galaxy S6.

The Mobile World Congress is set to take place in Barcelona starting with the 2nd of March up until the 5th, and all signs seem to point that Samsung will unveil its sixth generation flagship device then. While we've seen plenty of leaked images and mock-ups of the new device, we can get a better idea by looking at its cases. Case manufacturers usually have exclusive access to upcoming devices in order to roll out a great product, so they're pretty trusty sources.


Ewill is the third case manufacturer to put up cases for Samsung's sixth installment, and they're looking pretty good. Their rubber build offers a solid protection plan for your gadget, the price is going to be pretty low too, if it's anything like existing cases. Spigen and Verus also released their own cases for the Samsung Galaxy S6, and they are looking great, putting an emphasis on device customization which seems to be a big feature in the upcoming flagship.

What's also interesting about this news is that Ewill's cases seem to more or less confirm that the S6 will have a new rear sensor placement, putting them vertically instead of horizontally. The new protectors have a large cutout on their back to make room for the big camera lens, and there's also plenty of room for your finger in order to press the pulse sensor. It definitely makes the Galaxy S6 look good, and the protection it offers is a definite plus.

Besides offering an anti-fall and anti-scratch protection, these cases are also dustproof, so you won't have to worry about your device getting any sort of damage. It goes well with Samsung's high quality display which will most likely be scratch resistant, and it never hurts to have an additional layer of protection for your gadgets.


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