New Report Shows Android Global Smartphone Profits For Q4 2014 Drop To An All-Time Low


There is little doubt that the android operating system is the prevailing operating system worldwide. Android devices seem to shift in bucket loads and it was widely reported android had surpassed that one billion android devices shipped, marker. A lot of the insurgency in 2014 came from newer regions where android has seen explosive growth in recent times. Not to mention the sudden rising of companies like Xiaomi and Huawei in China combined with the likes of Micromax in India, have helped fuel the android operating system's established dominance in the global OS market. This is als a trend likely to continue in the foreseeable future. As these establishing companies continue to grow, so will their user base and by default, the android operating system.

That said, presence is not everything and while android continues to be the clear first ranking OS, it has also widely been reported that android fails in terms of generating the kind profits that are commonly (and increasingly) seen by iOS devices. In fact, to add to android's profit generating woes, a new report by Strategy Analysts (source link below) suggests the profit gulf between iOS and android is getting wider. According to the report, the OS global smartphone operating profit, in general, generated $21 billion in Q4 of last year. Which does highlight an increase in excess of 30% compared to the year before when the operating profits for OS global operating profits combined only equated to $16.2 billion. That said and in spite of a significant increase in overall profits, it was also reported that android saw a fall in their overall smartphone profit market share.

In fact, according to the data, the android global smartphone profit market share fell to 11% which represents an overall all-time low for android. In stark contrast, iOS saw their quarterly share rise to a staggering 89% which represented an all-time high for Apple. In terms of the android 11% and to put the drop into perspective, android was noted as having a market share of 29% a year before for Q4 in 2013. As such the drop down to 11% is a significant one for the fourth quarter. How 2015 will fair remains unclear for now although what is clear is that in spite of Android shifting more units, their overall profit market share is significnatly dropping.

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