New Renders Of The HTC One M9 Pop Up Based On All Current Rumored Specs


There is no doubt that speculation is rife about two particular devices at the moment. They are the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the HTC One M9 or 'hima'. Both of these devices are currently the subject of intense speculation and rumors. In particular, the HTC One M9 is attracting considerable attention after the success of its predecessor, the HTC One M8. We have heard a whole bunch of rumors (sometimes contradictory) and a whole ton of leaked images. There has even been a couple of leaked images of the supposed One M9 cases. All of this, just goes to show that even without an official confirmation, we love to see what might be possible, what might be coming.

That said, sometimes these images or renders prove more than just entertainment. Especially, when you take into consider when designing a render, as much of the rumored details as possible. This is exactly what hamdir did over at XDA (source link below). hamdir, took as much of the information that we 'believe' to be true, combined them with more information from the various tipsters like @evleaks and @upleaks and also took into consideration the previously reveals and leaked images we have seen. The end result (as you can see in the images) is quite an attractive device and in all honestly, might not be too far from the truth, in terms of what we can expect to see when HTC officially does unveil the HTC One M9.


So what do we have? Well, first up, we have already heard that the device (overall) looks quite similar to the HTC One M8. However, in spite of the similarity between the One M8 and M9, we have also heard that the M9 will come with a more edge-to-edge screen. Not forgetting that the infamous HTC black bar has now gone with the HTC logo being moved down to where the bottom speaker sits on the M8. Speaking of which, the speaker is rumored to be sleeker on the M9 and adopting much more width of the bottom and top edges. While also not forgetting that the M9 front facing camera has now been moved to the dead center of the upper aspect. There is some debate though, as to what the device size will be, with some believing the M9 will be roughly 5.2 inches in size and other reports suggesting it will come in at roughly the 5 inch marker. Although, the size does not greatly affect the presentation of the image, hamdir did offer the M9 render based on a 5 inch size (image below) and a 5.2 inch size (image above). So what do we think? Will the new HTC One M9 look like this? Do we want it to? Let us know your thoughts.

One M9 Render 5.0

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