New OnePlus Teaser Suggests Oxygen OS Will Arrive On February 12th


There has been much fanfare over the last few months with Cyanogen and OnePlus. Once their unceremonious fallout become public, speculation was rife as to what the future held for the duo's relationship. Many fans of the OnePlus One will find it difficult to imagine the device without Cyanogen OS running in the background. In fact, the inclusion of Cyanogen OS is quite possibly the reason as to why a lot of people bought a One in the first place. That said, not everyone will feel that way. Those who find Cyanogen OS too buggy, will relish the thought of another operating system on their beloved One.

Well, after all the speculation, last week brought us the news that OnePlus will indeed be releasing their own OSes in the form of Oxygen and Hydrogen. In case you missed it, Hydrogen is for China and Oxygen is pretty much for everywhere else. Besides the actual announcement, very little detail was provided as to what to expect from the OnePlus homegrown ROMs. What would they be like? When will they land? How to get them? All of these points remained unknowns. That said, during the announcement, OnePlus did state that on February 12th more details would be provided.


Well, it just might be that on the 12th, we will get more than just 'the details'. Peter Lau (OnePlus CEO) today sent out a rather clear indication that the OSes will be available on the 12th. Of course, there was no direct announcement on the matter and as such, it might not be the case. However, the image Lau sent out on his Weibo account, certainly suggested the OSes were arriving on the 12th. At the very least Oxygen looks to be certainly in the frame to be released, as that was one (by name) attached to the image. As we were expecting further details on the 12th, the assumption for a release date it certainly a plausible one. In terms of the ROM itself, we did see a couple of apparently leaked images which landed a couple of days ago, which (if true) give an indication of what the ROM will look like. So what do you think? Is Feb 12th the day Oxygen lands? Are you looking forward to it? Let us know.

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