New LG Phone Certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance, Could This Be the LG G4 for a US Carrier?


The run up to the announcement of a new phone is always an exciting game.  First we usually get word of the device being made in the first place.  Then specs leak, followed by possible footage of the device via Mr. Blurrycam shots in a random location, followed of course by more concrete evidence.  One of the final processes a phone or tablet have to go through is a set of certifications by various groups out there.  The FCC is one in the US, and there are many other organizations like it throughout the world, and the Wi-Fi Alliance is another.  Certification by the Wi-Fi Alliance ensures interoperability with the various Wi-Fi standards out there in the world.

Now it looks like some new mystery LG phone has passed through the Wi-Fi Alliance's tests and has achieved certification from the organization.  What this device might be is a mystery but there are plenty of clues left behind in the process that point us in the right direction.  First this particular phone ships with Android L as listed in the certification, meaning it's not likely some budget phone that LG's trying to ship with KitKat and call it a day.  Many phones will be shipping with Android 5.0 Lollipop at this point so this isn't a surefire thing, but it's one big deal for sure, given that the G Flex 2 is the first LG phone to ship with Android 5.0 Lollipop on board.


Second is the model number, LG-H811, which follows up with a leaked LG model number for AT&T from a few days ago.  That particular one was H810, so it's possible that H811 is the same phone just designed for a different carrier like T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon or one of the other many smaller carriers here in the US.  Despite the fact that this is a big difference from what LG has been using as model numbers on its other phones, there's no reason LG can't change how they calculate the model numbers for their phones.

Lastly, there's also a possibility that this is a G4 variant rather than the granddaddy G4 like we're assuming.  LG has made mini versions of plenty of their phones in the past and given that this is a lower model number than we've come to expect for the G4 it could very well be a smaller version of LG's 2015 flagship phone.  Mobile World Congress is just a few weeks away now and it's likely there that we'll see more news of LG's upcoming G4, but until then we get to play the waiting game.

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