New Data Shows Micromax Topples Samsung In India To Become Largest Vendor For Q4 2014

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2014 had not been the best year for Samsung. In spite of releasing new age devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and the Samsung Gear VR, the company continued to post quarterly earnings that showed their dominant grip on the android world slowly slipping. As 2015 came around, Samsung were probably hoping to start the year off in a much better fashion and especially with all the hype currently circulating around the Samsung Galaxy S6. That said, with one month of the year already gone, 2015 does not look it will be that different to 2014. Last week, Samsung finally posted their fourth quarter and fiscal year results and it did not make for comfortable reading. In short, the report confirmed what everyone had expected. Last year for Samsung was the worst year they had experienced since 2011.

One of the reasons given for why it was such a poor year for them, was attributed to the rise of homegrown OEMs in emerging markets. In China, most eyes looked to Xiaomi to blame for poor Samsung sales. Likewise, in India, most eyes were turning to Micromax for denting Samsung’s Worldwide portfolio. If there was any doubt that these two culprits were to blame for Samsung’s poor fiscal results than today’s news further confirms the assumption. At least in the case of Micromax and India.

The latest data figures by Canalys (source link below) shows Micromax have now toppled Samsung in terms of biggest smartphone vendor in India. The data suggests that in the fourth quarter Micromax managed to achieve the feat in their home market, by acquiring 22% of the quarterly market. As a result, they surpassed Samsung who only managed 20% in comparison. Canalys attributed this remarkable success to a combination of Micromax’s ability to appeal to the local customers much more than Samsung, while also effectively targeting the $150-$200 segment of the market. Following on behind Micromaxx and Samsung was Karbonn and Lava, in third and fourth place respectively. Samsung won’t be too happy to hear about this latest addition to their loosening of dominance, but will be hoping to make much more an impact in markets like India pushing forward in 2015.