Nest Shows Us How The Learning Thermostat Can Save On Energy Costs With Infographic

One might hardly think about the ways they can save on energy costs, but rest assured having your home set up to be connected with all kinds of smart products, like the Nest learning thermostat for example is a good way to save on the energy costs in your home. Nest even makes a pretty convincing case as to how installing a Nest learning thermostat can help lower your energy bill by providing this nifty, and informative we might add, little infographic. This is serving as Nest's proof that it's product will save you on energy costs, which they feel obliged to provide as they also state that with most programmable thermostats it's hard to prove what you're actually saving on energy costs if you're even saving anything at all.

Most programmable thermostats are touted as being able to save people up to 20% on energy costs, but the issue as Nest states is that most people don't program their thermostats to see those benefits so they don't end up saving anything. Nest is a learning thermostat, so instead of requiring you to program it, it does all the hard work by creating a schedule for you on how to heat or cool your home. It's based on your daily routine and it learns about you and your home and then adapts to different situations automatically so there's no programming needed.

Nest had two independent studies and one internal study done to see just how much people with the Nest learning thermostats installed in their homes were saving, and they ended up with the results that show people on average were saving about 10-12% on their heating bill and about 15% on the cooling bills, which amounted to as much as $145 a year. If you factor these savings in and weigh them against the cost to purchase the Nest learning thermostat and install it, it ended up paying for itself in under a two year period which isn't bad if you think about how long you'll probably be keeping the Nest thermostat in your home. Nest also mentions that energy savings get better over time thanks to the software updates, so over a few more years you could save even more.

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