MyRoll Developers Launch ‘Gallery Doctor’ App To Help Clear Up And Clear Out Unwanted Images

February 12, 2015 - Written By John Anon

The company behind MyRoll, today launched their newest offering for android and for your gallery and goes by the name ‘Gallery Doctor’. It probably does not take a genius to work out that like My Roll, this app is designed for your imaging needs and more specifically, for your Gallery. However, unlike the last app (which was more focused on being your Gallery), this one is designed to keep your imaging life, clean, free and clear of junk. In short, Gallery Doctor is an app which is focused on helping you sort through the piles and piles of images you might have stored on your android device and it actually does it quite intelligently.

The app itself is extremely lightweight and not much involved in terms of the actual content. Once it is installed, the app opens, a quick couple of explanation pages and then that’s it. You hit the cleanup button and the app does all the work. Depending on the size of your internal memory, will affect how long the app takes to run and this seems to be the major downside of the app. It does take a couple of minutes to (understandable) go through your images. Once it has though, it presents the images in three easy to understand categories. Those that the app considers to be poor images, those that the app consists to be duplicate images and those that are considered need to be ‘reviewed’.

After testing, the app does work quite well and does quite accurately determine the quality of the images. That said you are putting your images in the hands of the app, it has the ability to instantly delete all the unwanted images in one swoop ( you can delete one by one too) and so you do want to be careful with which option you choose. Either way though, the app does seem to be a good tool for those of us who simply have too many photos and images on our devices and no intention of manually cleaning them up. The app will present the worst of your images all grouped together and you can choose which to keep and which not to. Best of all the app is free and as such is certainly worth a download. You can pick the app up now via the Play Store. Make sure to let us know what you think if you do give the app a try.