Motorola Starts Their UK Sale With Offers Up To £75 Off Purchases

I remember the fuss around the summer 2013 release of the Motorola Moto X - 2013 handset and I loved what Motorola did with the X; they dropped the requirement to have a bleeding edge, high-performance processor with a massive screen, and instead concentrated on a device that catered for people who just... wanted... an Android smartphone. And I admit that if it were available in the United Kingdom shortly after launch, I would probably still be using it now. Unfortunately and for whatever reason, we British had to wait six months for the Moto X to reach this little island. Worse, I would watch Motorola USA's great deals come and go; I couldn't easily get my hands on the Moto X and I certainly couldn't easily get the discount, either! Luckily, Motorola saw sense and didn't make us wait so long for the 2014 Moto X; it arrived much quicker.
Better yet, Motorola are releasing deals over in the UK too. This is psychologically important; it's great to see the Americas getting money off Motorola products, but we want a ticket to that party too! And I'm pleased to report that Motorola are doing just that. Yesterday, Thursday, at 1400 hours UK time, Motorola started a sale, which is to last until the 19 February. It's a chance to save up to £75 off and Motorola are showcasing three deals on their website.

The terms of the sale are straightforward. Customers spending £100 get £10 off, spending £250 sees £30 off and for customers spending £500 or more, they'll save £75 off the final total. To underscore these, Motorola is showcasing three deals on their website. The first is a £10 saving on the Moto E, down from £107.94 to £97.94 with a screen protector. The next deal is £30 off the £349.98 total of the 2014 Moto G combined with my favourite Android Wear smartwatch, the Moto 360. The final showcased deal is the 2014 Motorola Moto X paired up with the Moto Hint wireless headset, which would normally cost £519.98 but with the £75 knocked off, is down to £444.98.

Now, far be it to put ideas into our readers' minds, but let's suppose you were interested in buying your Valentine a new smartphone for the 14 February... This could be the ideal opportunity to save yourself a small fortune and pick something else up. Another alternative is a pair of Moto 360s; what couple can't go wrong with matching smartwatches?! If you're tempted, hit us up with what you decide to buy using the comments below.

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